SpaceIndia Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading IT Solution providers in the Industry. Our motive is to give high quality and cost effective services within the least time period to make our clients be a real and high valuable in their operational area. For this, we are ready to cater their different kinds of industry related requirements as well as give them better advice and knowledge to build up a smooth and efficient working environment in their industry.


SpaceIndia Informatics Pvt. Ltd has started as a professionally managed IT solution company to render service to Delhi and the neighboring places. Through our customer-oriented vision, persistently learned lessons from experience and keen vigilant on the spurt in technological up-to-dates, today we are proudly standing in this field as an unbeatable service organization equipped with best engineers and high efficient infrastructure.


SpaceIndia Informatics Pvt. Ltd. as a sales and support company, our clients get all benefits on procuring best value products with service oriented after sale support. Streamlined by professionals with years of hard-core expertise in the IT industry, we have the confident to undertake all the computing needs of our clients.


Providing best value products, technically skilled engineers with well equipped infrastructure, in time customer support, pleased approach and well understanding of customer needs has helped us on up keeping our existing customers and adding new customers to our prestigious customer list.  


SpaceIndia Informatics Pvt. Ltd.provides most of the IT related solutions which includes Power Products, Computer Servers, Notebook & PC’s, Lifestyle Digital products, Networking and after sales support.

Easy Labs

About the Softwares An interactive multi-subject learning aid that Will enhance the knowledge and improves academic performance of the Students.
Subjects/Topics coveredinthe CD's
Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are the core Subjects COWered in EasyLab. It also includes History, Geography and English Grammar for general reference. 11 th&12th standard CD includes Medical and Engineering entrance practicing module also. All Chapters are Classified into sub topics and presented in an easy to understand Question and Answerformatto help the students to unravel the essence of their curriculum injustaclick.

How are these Softwares different from a text book?

The Software is a comprehensive study guide and an instant reference point that will help you excel at your studies. The answers are topical. You can find definitions and descriptions at justa Click of the button. The topics are Comprehensive and touch upon the fundamental aspects of each Subject in simple language and Wonderfully illustrated formats. The software helps the students immensely to learn eventhe most complex concepts inthe easiest possible manner. It makes learningfun and Visually stimulating. Students will find it easy to understand the lessons explained With Visual display of images, graphics, pictures and animations. These high quality, topic rich multimedia capsules have been preparedlesson-Wise.


Features of the CD

  • Helps to increase student's interest in learning.
  • Brings better concept clarity
  • Helps to save learning time
  • Increae retension level and reduce cramming
  • Effective learning- Enhance Performance

What we Offering

Supply & Maintenance Services


  • Supply and Maintenance of Computers and Peripherals
  • OS & Application Software Support
  • System Integration, Maintenance and IT Administration Support Services
  • Training and Assistance
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)



  • Wireless Networking
  • Structured Cabling
  • Planning
  • Engineering  & Implementation of LAN/WAN
  • Video Conferencing etc.


  • OS & Supporting Software
  • Database
  • Network
  • Internet etc.

Buyback and Upgrade

We have Buyback/ Upgrading facility of your old Computers. You can upgrade your old PC’s to the latest configurations. We also have upgrading facility for all major branded Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Peripherals.


Testing and Repair Cell

Our TRC handles component repairs of all categories. The cell has trained and experienced engineers in all areas like Power Supplies, Monitors, Motherboards, Printers and Scanners etc.                           

Products &Post Sales Services

  • All type of branded Servers, Desktops, Workstations, Laptops etc.
  • All type of Heavy Duty Printers, Plotters etc.        
  • Online and Offline UPS



SpaceIndia Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is committed to maintain the customer satisfaction in its utmost level by providing superior quality and cost effective Information Technology related products and also providing an in time and customer oriented after sale support.

To ensure the above we focused in the below.

  • Suggesting and providing superior quality product available in the market.
  • Instant Response on call
  • Standby Facilities
  • Latest Antivirus and Data Recovery Solutions
  • Preventive and Curative Maintenance Programs
  • Testing & Repair Cell (TRC)
  • Resident Engineers facility for Sophisticated Installations
  • Well equipped service facility


We, SpaceIndia Informatics Pvt. Ltd.believe in providing best value products and service to our clients and maintain the utmost satisfaction of our clients, because without clients there is no SpaceIndia Informatics Pvt. Ltd.